MeriSuri at Maison on Maling in Canterbury










The year 2013 passed as a blur, as my dear husband, David, died late 2012 after a short illness. I really appreciated all the support from fellow alpaca breeders especially at low times. However, we are now well and truly into 2014 and I aim to update this website more regularly as there have been some exciting developments!

One of the lovely things for me in 2013 was winning the Supreme Fleece at the National Show, for the second time in four years. The fleece was from an animal, Ambleside Alladin ET.

The highlights so far this year have been attending some shows such as Red Hill, Geelong, Melbourne Royal and Ballarat where Ambleside Ndumsky is doing very well. Eg Intermediate Champion, Royal Melbourne and Supreme at Ballarat. And he will be going to the National as an adult. I am thrilled with Ndumsky as his fleece stats are very pleasing. He was tested at 15 months over three sites - hip, mid and shoulder where the average standard deviation is 1.9 and his average micron is 18.5. His independence and uniformity of lock is the best I have bred. He will be a future stud male at Ambleside.

The other highlight for me is the continuation of the MERI SURI (Ambleside Superfine Merino and Suri fleece) "Farm to Fashion" journey. For those who don't know, this soft, silky yarn has been produced in Victoria and made into garments by Melbourne designer, Wendy Voon. Wendy continues to sell privately and her MERI SURI garments will be stocked and sold at "Maison on Maling", Maling Road, Canterbury. The other venture with MERI SURI yarn is a unique range of baby and toddler knitwear which will also be sold in Maling Road at "Heather Brown". 


-- 2012 -- 

New Canberra Royal Show-February 2012. We really enjoy this show as it is very well run. We decided to show some of our huacuyas as people have forgotten that we still have animals with great genetics- from Windsong Valley. Ambleside Inca Firebrand a son of the well known Firedragon. In a large field Ambleside Firedragon was awarded 1st and Reserve Champion Intermediate male and this was his first show.  The dam of Firebrand, Ambleside Inca Starlight keeps on producing Champions! Ambleside Inca Beau[Adult male] was pulled forward in another very strong class. His sire Ambleside Inca Treac is by Windsong Valley Diamond and WV Royal Inca.

   Red Hills Show in March. Barbara stayed at home doing maternity watch and we had a sick cria that needed regular attention so David and Andrea went to the show. Red Hills was great as Ambleside Alpacas did very well with both suris and hucauyas.  We have just started to show our hucauyas as breeders had forgotted. We do still have some excellent animals that came mainly from Windsong Valley. 
   In the suri section Ambleside Regal Rose was awarded 1st and Champion Junior suri. In the Intermediate class our short fleeced male Ambleside Great Expectations was placed 1st and Reserve Champion..

 Regarding the hucauyas Ambleside Inca Firebrand was 1st and Champion and his stable mate Inca Beau was also awarded 1st and Champion.  It is very pleasing to see that all these males are  holding there own at all the shows they are attending. Great genetics pays off!. 

2012 is going to be a great year with this website being updated regularly. The last 6 monts at Ambleside Pastoral Company has been very hectic. Highlights have been winning SUPREME SURI FLEECE at THE NATIONAL with Ambleside SilkSpinner a 30 month old wether winning with a total score of 84.5 points. Also at the National a son of Ambleside Dream Catcher ET[Intermediare male white] won 3rd place behind Surilana[1st and 2nd]with Ambleside Great Expectations. Judges comments were extremely complementary.

Another highlight was entering the EWE WEANER competition at Hamilton Wool and Sheep Show in August and winning 2nd place! Ambleside Great Expectations was awarded SUPREME suri at the same show. We were thrilled with both results.

Our superfine merinos are producing excellent wol with the December shearing results of all our flock were Micron 17.3 sd3.4 cf 99.5. Flock wool cut averaged 5 kgs. It was also very pleasing to sell all our cfa ewes to other farmers. John Crawford of Rockbank Stud has ben clasing our ewes for some years now and uniformity of sheep and wool is becoming very evident.